Australia - Vulcan Sub-Basin Exploration

Offshore North West Australia , New structural play for basin

The AC/P51 exploration permit is located offshore North-West Australia in the Vulcan Sub-basin adjacent to a number of oil and gas discoveries. The permit has an area of 583km2 and is 55%# owned and operated by Melbana Energy.

Melbana Energy has identified the Ramble On prospect, incorporating proven reservoir, seal and source intervals in a new structural play for the basin. Ramble On is in water depth of 68m and is part of a trend of prospects that have been identified using the new Zepplin 3D seismic survey and the reprocessed Onnia 3D survey. Ramble On is approximately 15kms from the Montara oil project.

# Subject to option held by Far Cape Pte Ltd for a 5% participating interest.

Vulcan Sub-Basin AC/P51