Melbana Energy Overview

Investment Highlights
  • Australian ASX listed, independent oil and gas company with a portfolio of exploration, appraisal and development stage opportunities in Cuba, Australia and New Zealand
  • Diverse, high impact exploration asset portfolio with material near-term value drivers:
    • Unique Cuban leverage (Block 9 – MELBANA 100%*) with enormous oil potential and early mover advantage. Multiple leads identified.
    • Beehive prospect (WA-488-P) potentially the largest undrilled oil prospect offshore Australia
    • High quality Pukatea prospect in NZ
    • Long-term potential value from Tassie Shoal Projects (100%)
  • Melbana boasts a high calibre Board of Directors and proven Executive, Technical and Commercial talent with a demonstrated track record

Company Data  
Australia Stock Exchange Code: MAY
Share Price (31 May 2017): AUD$0.019
Issued Capital: 953.2m ordinary shares
Share Performance Rights: 26.3 Million
Options: 13.25 Million
Market Capitalisation: AUD~$19 Million
Net Cash (31 Mar 2017): AUD~$3.6 Million
Portfolio Permit Melbana Equity Status
1. Cuba Block 9 PSC 100%* Exploration
2. Australia – Petrel Sub Basin WA-488-P 100% Exploration
3. New Zealand – Onshore Taranaki PEP 51153 30% Production shut in/ Exploration
4. Australia – Vulcan Sub-Basin AC/P50,P51 100%** Exploration
5. Australia – Tassie Shoal Projects EPBC 2000/108 & 2003/1067 100% Early Pre-FEED (methanol)
Cuba – Block 9 PSC, (Melbana 100%*)
  • 2,380km2 onshore Cuba awarded in September 2015
  • Contains a proven hydrocarbon system, with multiple discoveries within close proximity, including the 11 billion barrel (OIP) Varadero oilfield
  • Cuba has had limited use of modern day exploration technologies
  • Early mover advantage as one of the few foreign companies pre-qualified to operate in Cuba and one of the few western companies with a significant established footprint
    Nb. *Petro Australis have a dated conditional 40% back-in right


Australia – Petrel Sub-Basin, (WA-488-P, Melbana 100%)
  • Beehive prospect is potentially the largest hydrocarbon prospect remaining in Australia – multi-billion barrel potential
  • Carboniferous build up – analogous to giant Tengiz field in Caspian Basin
  • Shallow water (40m), suitable for lower cost jack-up drilling rig
  • Identified using high quality tight grid 2D seismic survey
  • Recent 2D broadband reprocessing and seismic inversion substantially enhanced characterisation of Beehive Prospect
  • Developable by FPSO or pipeline


Australia - Vulcan Sub-Basin, (AC/P50, AC/P51, Melbana 100%**)

  • 583km2 consisting of three contiguous permits located on trend with oil and liquids rich gas discoveries such as Jabiru, Challis, Montara, Crux and Cash/Maple
  • 3D seismic acquired and additional seismic reprocessing undertaken
  • A number of oil prospects have been identified
  • Recent Auriga hydrocarbon discovery has renewed interest in the region
  • Melbana will be free-carried through the permit year 2 and 3 work program by Rouge Rock Pty Ltd in order for Rouge Rock Pty Ltd to earn an option to acquire a 45% interest in each permit.

Nb: ** Far Cape Pte Ltd has an option to acquire a 5% interest in AC/P50 and AC/P51 and Red
Rouge Pty Ltd has a conditional option to acquire a 45% interest in each permit


New Zealand - Onshore Taranaki Basin, (PEP 51153, Melbana 30%)
  • Puka Oil Field discovered in 2012 within the Mount Messenger Formation
  • Shallow oil accumulations produced from 2 wells
  • Extended well test suspended January 2015 (previously producing oil at approx. 110 BPD)
  • Identified Pukatea prospect, large structural trap to be drilled from existing well pad in 3Q 2017
  • Favourable fiscal regime
  • Regional Operator Tag Oil recently acquired a 70% interest in the permit


Australia - Tassie Shoal Projects, (Melbana 100%)
  • Methanol: world scale 3.5 million tonnes per annum capacity from two plants
    • Offshore Australia, close to undeveloped high CO feedstock gas
    • Australian government environmental approval
    • Low cost shallow water site, constructed in modules and towed onsite
    • Strong Asian buyer interest in new methanol supply sources
    • Letters of Intent for 100% of supply potential with global Asian methanol buyers
  • LNG: 3 million tonnes per annum capacity
    • Designed for low CO feedstock gas from Sunrise resource
    • Australian government environmental approval
  • Approval valid to 2052 – a strategic asset and significant store of potential value.