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Cuba Block 9 Variation Paves Way to Accelerate Drilling
Melbana Energy Investor Update: Material Drilling Imminent
Change in substantial holding
New Zealand Update - Drilling Preparations Continue
Melbana Energy Corporate Presentation June 2017
Cuba Block 9 PSC Drilling Update
Quarterly Activities Summary to 31 Mar 2017
Quarterly Cash Flow summary for the period ended 31 Mar 2017
Melbana Energy Geociencias Conference Presentation 2017
Melbana Corporate Presentation March 2017
Appendix 3B - New issue announcement
Share Options Granted to Melbana Employees
Cuba Update
Half Year Financial Report 31 December 2016
High Impact Pukatea Prospect - Drilling Preparation Update
Melbana Corporate Presentation Feb 2017
50% Upgrade to Exploration Potential in Cuba Acreage
Quarterly Activities Summary to 31 Dec 2016
Quarterly cash flow summary for the period ended 31 Dec 2016
Change in substantial holding